The greatest renewal

Today, just after 1pm, I was able to renew my wedding vows to my darling Myx at the beautiful pirate hideaway – whose name I am keeping very secret!

Grasp Photo Contest

When one of my favourite stores announces its birthday, I get excited, when it announces a photo contest I get extra excited…. and well… here is what happens!

Permenant DJ at Ohana – the Friendliest place in SL

A claim like ‘the friendliest place in SL’ is a big one. A very big one. there are countless places in SL, and countless people, at countless times. What could be the busiest one day might be dead the next, and friendly with one person might be dull with another. however, after being a regular here for over a year, and now a DJ I can honestly say they live up to the claim. Its welcoming, fun, easy going and accepting. If your favourite neko pirate half welshie can feel at home and accepted and almost…. normal… then it has to be pretty good. 24 hours, 7 days a week there is a DJ and a host keeping the show runing and bouncing. I don’t just mean they are online either, they are there, awake, and chatting whether there are 50 people or 5, and wonderfully quality doesn’t change no matter what time of day or day of the week you rock up.

I have stolen in my piratey way the 12am- 3am shift every Sunday (that’s 8am-11am you UK types). So every Sunday I get to wake up and share the music I love with people I adore. So, when I finished my set today I thought I would snap some photos of this rather awesome place.

Please make sure you check them out in world or online!

Piratical Photos

I discovered some amazing tutorials today from Harlow Heslop and I had to test them out. I think the effects I have been able to get are some of my favourites yet! I was shooting at a favourite sim of mine called ‘Ace of Spades Island’ a pirate ship paradise, and as always here are some of the ones I took.

It all starts with a smile

Al the best things in life start with a smile, and this sim encapsulates that perfectly. Its a photographers dream, especially for someone like me who enjoys exploring even more than photography and loves small fine details. We visited 28th April 2013 – a long time after I had originally hoped to take a look, but I think the photos speak for themselves.